Where is Goddess?

Schedule Subject to Change

  • In most cases the posted schedule is firm. If Goddess receives new offers or cancelations, she may alter her schedule to accomodate them (if this is convenient for her).
  • Once deposits are received, travel plans are made, and the schedule will not be altered unless clients cancel or reschedule their appointments.
  • A deposit is an insurance against the travel costs that Goddess incurs when she agrees to a session with a client. 
  • Clients who cancel after Goddess has made travel arrangements will forfeit their deposit, and will be required to make a new deposit if they wish to reschedule.
Goddess is very professional. If she books you, she will be there. If Goddess has some rare/extreme emergency, you will be given the option of either rescheduling or receiving a refund.


*Any dates not listed, I can be presumed to be in Los Angeles, and may be requested for sessions in So. Cal or surrounding areas. *

  1. May 21-22
  2. May 10-14
    Los Angeles
  3. May 20-21
  4. May 17-19
  5. May 19-20
  6. May 14-15
    Las Vegas
  7. May 22-24
  8. Apr. 30-May 9
    Las Vegas
  9. May 24-25
  10. May 25-26
  11. Jun. 27-28
    Charlotte, NC
  12. Jun. 28-29
  13. Jul. 17-18
    Jacksonville, FL
  14. Jul. 18-19
    St. Petersburg, FL
  15. Jul. 19-21
    Boca Raton/Ft. Lauderdale, FL
  16. Aug. 8-9
    Seattle, WA
  17. Jun. 30-Jul. 1
  18. Jul. 1-2
  19. Jul. 2-3
  20. Jul. 3-4
  21. Jul. 4-5
  22. Jul. 5-6
    St. Louis
  23. Jul. 6-7
    Kansas City
  24. Aug. 21-22
  25. Aug. 22-23
  26. Aug. 23-24
    Grand Rapids
  27. Aug. 24-25
  28. Aug. 25-26
  29. Aug. 27-28
In May I will be taking a long lovely vacation in Europe. I will take lots of photos for my fans to perv. You can see the dates listed above. It will be my first ever Europe trip. Be sure to follow my exploits on Instagram!!!

Request a Session

  • Please book your appointment early. Southern California and Las Vegas are the only places I will consider an appointment request with less than 48 hrs notice. My availability for these types of appointments will be limited.
  • It has been difficult for most clients to schedule appointments with me that fit their schedules if they are booking less than 4 weeks in advance. Clients usually start booking me at 2-3 months prior to my scheduled travel dates. At 4 weeks prior, I am nearly completely booked.
  • If you want anything other than a strict Competitive or Semi-Competitive Grappling match, please include references in your message. I will not renegotiate your session with you later if I have no references from you.
  • I require a 25% deposit of session fees to hold an appointment (last minute or not).
  • ​I have different rates for some countries and cities with different economies/currencies. I do not offer student discounts, or income-based discounts. The services I offer are a luxury, not a comodity. 
  • ​Please read my "wrestle me" and "safety" pages before requesting a session. 

If you have a problem with my rules, you should not request a session with me.
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References (Mistress/Wrestler)