The Down-low on the D/s​​​​

Goddess is "lifestyle" as well as a professional. "Lifestyle" refers to Dominant/submissive relationships (preferably long-term), that do not involve the exchange of money for services. 
Goddess prefers that anyone applying for the position of a submissive have at least two years of experience in the lifestyle and have at least one reference of a Mistress/Dominant that they have served in some formal capacity. An additional 2 references of friends in the lifestyle are also required. 

Goddess will NOT consider a submissive that:
  • Has limited knowledge of D/s protocols 
  • Has no friend network or support in the BDSM community
  • Is unable to provide references
  • Is flaky, or unable to commit to a regular schedule
  • Is "exploring" submission, or wants free play with minimal responsibilities

Vetting and Consideration Process:
  • Goddess requires 2-6 weeks (depending on the type of service) of consistent service from the submissive applicant before lifestyle play commences (this is to weed out people seeking a foot job in exchange for a foot rub, etc.)
  • When the submissive has passed the initial trial period, the submissive will be "Under Consideration" (please use google) for a period of 6 months to 1 year, depending on the unique relationship dynamics and training requirements of the relationship. 
  • Goddess  and her submissive will continuously communicate about their relationship and expectations during this period, with the goal of establishing limits, boundaries, expectations, rituals, and routines, that will later form the basis for their D/s contract.
  • After the training/consideration period, if both parties are still interested in a D/s relationship, a contract will be negotiated and a collaring ceremony scheduled. 

Open Positions

Below are the positions for which Goddess has an immediate need. These do not represent the only possible positions for a submissive, and these positions are not mutually exclusive. Meaning, a submissive may fill more than one of these roles if he/she so desires, and is well suited for them. 
​Goddess otherwise makes use of professional services to fulfill these needs when a submissive is not available. Submissives applying to serve Goddess in any of these capacities must demonstrate either an expertise in the given area, or an extremely malleable and enthusiastic approach to learning to perform their duties well. The determination of "good enough" remains at Goddess's discretion.
Runner/Errand Boy
Must be financially stable and have own car and gas money. When Goddess needs food, toiletries, last minute items when traveling between cities, you will be called upon to provide fast, timely delivery. Work schedules can be accomodated, but cannot be a constant problem. 
Pain Slut/Practice Bottom
Attend play parties/functions with Goddess when called upon. Be available for skills practice (eg. rope, whip, tens) and to attend workshops with Goddess. Must be in reasonably good health and have health insurance. If desired may serve as a model for photo/video shoots.
Weekly deep tissue massages. Intermittent stress relief massages. Must be very strong (Goddess is an athlete) and have professional experience and understanding of anatomy sufficient to not injure Goddess or put her out of work. 
Los Angeles and Las Vegas positions available. Drive Goddess to and from her various appointments and social activities. Some leeway given for work hours, but ideally the submissive will work from home or be self-employed/independent contractor. 
Foot Slave
PAY FOR (not do yourself) Goddesses Mani-Pedi appointments (twice monthly). Provide regular foot massages, and foot care. Goddess wears a lot of high heels, and the person filling this position should be very devoted to Goddess's feet. Must have car. Must have predictable schedule.
Laundry Slave
This is a very detail-oriented position. Must be able to clean, care for, and safely store specialty items like leather, latex, stockings, and lingerie. Must be able to pick up and deliver clothing with reasonable predictability. Must be extremely trust-worthy. If available, may accompany and dress Goddess for special events.
If this form is abused, I WILL resort to a traditional application system requiring several pages of writing. Include your experience and references in the message if you would like me to take your application seriously.