Goddess Anat

Mixed Wrestling


I do not, and will not provide sexual services during any of my matches. I will not perform any illegal activity, or knowingly allow my client or myself to be put in harms way. Please recognize that there are injury risks with grappling, however, standard grappling rules of safety will apply to all matches. I may impose additional rules of allowed/disallowed moves and holds to prevent unnecessary injuries to either party. These matches are not tournament matches, and are largely for entertainment purposes. Unnecessary risk-taking will not be allowed. More details will be discussed on a per-match basis.

Contact Me

Email: FSTOFL2016@gmail.com or Goddess@GoddessAnat.com
(New and existing clients may contact me this way)

Text: (424) 261-2628
(emergency number for existing clients, NOT for new clients) I do not take
voice calls.

When you email me, please provide the following information: Location of the match, Proposed date of the match, Type of match (details please), References (list professionals you have hired before).
I do not answer emails that have only one word, one sentence, or that are clearly not making an effort to book. If you want a match, please make your intentions clear.