The Fine Print

What a buzz-kill…


I dislike overburdening a fun activity with lots of caveats, disclaimers, rules, and consequences. In my experience, most of what I feel compelled to write in this section, is in fact common sense to many of my clients. However, there will always be a handful of people that will say they “didn’t know” or weren’t “told”, and therefore expect to avoid any consequences. I include all my fine print on this website for public reference.

Consider yourself informed.


Please be aware that the closer we get to your appointment date, the less likely it will be that I can fill your appointment time if you cancel. I do not give refunds on deposits. If a client has cancelled before, I require a 50% deposit to give them an appointment the next time I travel to their city. If I expect to be fully booked, I may not give them an appointment at all, unless they pay the entire fee in advance. I like to give new clients a chance to meet me, so I can build a list of reliable people in each city I visit. Thank you for understanding.

Wardrobe & Equipment

If you have wardrobe requests, or equipment requests, please send them in advance as possible. If it is something very specific, that I don’t already own, please be prepared to purchase it yourself. My size/measurements are:

  • 39 (bust) – 30 (waist) – 40 (hips)
  • I am usually a size large in American sizes.
  • Always look at the “size guide” as brands vary
  • Shoes: 38B or 8M (Italian designs should be a 1/2 size larger)
  • Gloves: Women’s large or Men’s medium

Examining Gift-Horses

I appreciate that you may want to do something nice for me, and I don’t enjoy rejecting good intentions. Please don’t bring me chocolate or junk food as gifts. I travel a lot, and can not afford the cost to my waistline accepting these in every city. Please don’t bring me supplements or dietary aids without asking me. It will likely get thrown out if I cannot eat it.
I ACCEPT: Propel (not Gatorade), bottles of unopened gin or dry wine (that you don’t expect to watch me drink), clean fresh non-root vegetables, eggs, tuna, mayonnaise, sashimi, most meats and natural cheeses, raw nuts.
It doesn’t have to be about food. I also accept money and gifts from my wishlists .



I use the conventional “three taps” or a verbal “tap” as a signal to stop. Tap’s must be obeyed and respected by both parties, immediately. Safe-words may also be incorporated in the case of a role-play.

Unless you have prior training and/or have my permission, none of the following will be allowed:

  • Throwing your opponent
  • Stand-up fights near furniture
  • Throwing punches, kicks, jabbing/poking eyes, pulling hair, scratching, choking, or biting.
  • Joint locks (only with prior training, and must be slow enough to give your opponent time to tap)
  • Bringing ANY kind of weapon
  • Ignoring safe-words or taps

If my rules are broken, or I feel a client is intentionally trying to harm me, I will end the session immediately and there will be no refund of any kind. Depending on the severity of the incident, I will report them to other professionals, hotel security, and/or the authorities.

Please bathe***
***Please don’t use dry shampoo or talc***
***Please trim your nails & file them smooth***

If you like smelly, grimy matches, you must first obtain my consent.

Video Option

Many of my clients ask to record their matches for personal use. There are a couple ways I am willing to do video for clients that wish to have their match recorded:

  1. I keep a copy to publish, you sign a model release and provide a copy of your ID. No additional charge.
    You must be willing to show your face. Masked videos don’t sell well.
  2. You keep the only copy, sign an agreement to not distribute, and provide a copy of your ID. $100 extra charge for this home video. My breasts and genitals remain covered throughout the recording.
  3. If you don’t want to sign anything or provide ID, but want a recording for your own use only, I can film the match with my own camera. I will then edit the film to have a small watermark before sending it to you by Dropbox. $100 charge.

***If you want to order a CUSTOM VIDEO from me, please email me: ***

Don’t be THAT guy…

I get that some things happen as coincidences, but if you are serious about your appointment, you should care how you are perceived. For the socially awkward, here are some things to avoid doing:

  • Don’t lurk (I shouldn’t see you near me in situations where I might use my legal name – checking in, eating, talking to anyone except you)
  • Don’t hang around places I am when I don’t have an appointment with you. It makes me and my clients wonder what’s going on
  • Don’t talk to hotel staff about me. Don’t try to get information about me that I haven’t volunteered.
  • Don’t tell people where I’m staying.
  • Don’t book a room where I’m staying. There are likely several similar hotels nearby, that will still make it easy to get to and from your appointment. (Conventions we are both attending are an exception to this rule)
  • If we are shooting, and exchange docs, consider that information confidential.

Video Option

Attention Y ou Don't Want
Try to remember that we are just wrestling and playing games. That’s it. It’s legal, it’s not a problem, it’s only as taboo as you think it is.
Nobody is asking you why you are meeting me. If you feel shy about your wrestling match with a woman, that’s fine, but try to recognize that no one else is thinking about it.
One of the most destructive things my clients have done is trying to invent an alternative explanation for their presence.
I get it that some wrestlers want this. Let me be very clear that I DO NOT . This is why:

I have several matches a day while I am traveling.
I cannot have 10 “boyfriends” announce themselves at my venue. (And BTW WTF?)
I cannot have 10 men reimburse me electronically for very expensive “dinner” every day for two weeks. Nobody is that social, and I'm not an escort.
I cannot have 3 different people send me monetary “gifts” from three different states every day .
The IRS would be on me in a millisecond.
I CAN meet as many people as I choose for whatever reason I choose.
I CAN run a legitimate business without anyone being upset by that or feeling the need to interfere.

Please don’t inadvertently give the impression that I’m doing something I shouldn’t. If you are still processing your own feelings about it, remember that you don’t have to say or explain anything at all.

Don’t write cute comments, winks, or false claims in the notes of your electronic payments. I’m not engaged in fraud. I have a legitimate business. I pay taxes. I have a business license. You don’t have to write anything at all. If you are one of those people that must fill every blank - write the date and time of our appointment.

If you are still having trouble with this after reading, feel free to book extra time to talk about it. I'm told that I do an excellent impression of a therapist.

I do not accept cash payments. All payments are electronic. This allows me to accurately calculate and prove my income. Having documented income permits me to participate in society , build a credit history , sign an apartment lease, apply for unemployment during a pandemic, and many other perks we take for granted.

Electronic payments are also safer, because I’m less likely to get mugged, or experience petty theft. I pay the government far less in taxes than what I could potentially lose during a tour if someone snatched my cash-filled purse.
No Cash. I don’t carry it, and I don’t accept it.