Types of Matches

General Guidelines for the new guys.


I do not, and will not provide sexual services during any of my matches. I will not perform any illegal activity, or knowingly allow my client or myself to be put in harms way. Please recognize that there are injury risks with grappling, however, standard grappling rules of safety will apply to all matches. I may impose additional rules of allowed/disallowed moves and holds to prevent unnecessary injuries to either party. These matches are not tournament matches, and are largely for entertainment purposes. Unnecessary risk-taking will not be allowed. More details will be discussed on a per-match basis.

Session Wrestling Stereotypes

My goal is always to have sessions that leave my clients glowing. It would legitimately bother me if I sessioned with someone, and felt they walk away disappointed. I take pride in my work and the services I offer.

Oddly enough, it isn’t always easy to satisfy my clients wishes. I feel that the biggest barrier to this is poor communication.
I’m very accommodating of most requests, if they are actually made. So, why aren’t the clients giving more specifics? From what I gather, the most common reasons are:

  • fear of judgement
  • uncertainty about whether I would agree
  • assuming I will understand what they want once we get started

Although I pay a lot of attention, and sometimes am able to pick up on unspoken preferences, it isn’t always going to happen that way. Your best bet is to be very honest with yourself and with me about what it is you are looking for in a session. Usually, even if you are flexible on the session content, you do have an idea of the session “style” you would like. So, I’ve put together a few stereotypes (for which there are many variations) below. Maybe reading these, you can identify better what you are looking for, and (seeing that it’s common/normal/ok) be a little more open about what you are seeking:

The Primal

“It turns me on. Women and men fighting is so sexy. I love sweaty women with tousled hair attacking me. It’s so taboo, but so much fun. I wish more women were open to this. I love to feel a woman’s strength and power. I respect, admire and am attracted to strong athletic women.”

The Pedestal

“Muscles on women are exquisite. When I see a woman showing her strength, I feel weak in the knees. I want to kiss her, stroke her bulging biceps. I want to feel her power, worship it, caress it, squeeze it. But I would never resist a powerful beauty such as hers.”

The Fan

“I get excited by the details. I want to know your bicep size. I want to see you in a WWE or Superhero or Cosplay costume. I want to know how much you lift. In fact, I could enjoy a skype session as much as a physical session, because I could go over all of these things with you and satisfy my needs.”

The Overpowered

“The idea of a strong woman immobilizing me sends shivers of excitement through my “loins”. I want to feel her strength and power. I want to surrender to it. I want her to make me surrender to it. Being lifted from the ground, immobilized, and being at her mercy gives me a head rush (I might even cum). I want to feel her body crushing mine. I want to feel that I am defenseless, that I must accept whatever fate she chooses (but I don’t actually want to get hurt).”

The Role Player

“I like playing games. The freedom of childhood fantasy is missing in adult life. I want to do something silly, unrealistic, but totally fun… with an adult woman. It’s such a freeing experience, and necessary stress relief.”

The Ravaged

“The idea of a strong, sexually aggressive woman having her way with me is my fantasy. I want to feel the intensity of her desire. I want to watch her determination to have her way. I want to feel at the mercy of her sexuality. I want her to tell me what she wants and how to please her. I love a woman that takes what she wants without apology.”
(Note: I do not provide sex, but I do enact this experience well, without breaking any laws)

The Dominant

“I want to overpower a strong woman (without hurting her). Immobilizing her, or wearing her out does it for me. I like a woman to put up a fight. I respect her, but I want to end up the victor in the end. I get aroused when I can submit a woman that is usually in control. It’s incredibly erotic. I like to get feedback from her on my strength, skill, and prowess.”

The Shit-Talker

“I like WWE. I like the prelude to a fight when the fighters talk about how they are going to destroy each other. The threats, the promises of a brutal fight are almost better than the fight itself. I like the fight drama and would like to play this up as much as possible during an actual session. I like the visual symbolism of this “badass” mentality, victory poses, growling faces, and a prostrate loser underfoot. I might prefer to have a skype session where we can get really into this argument over who will be the best on fight day (even if we never actually fight).”


The TYPES I WON’T Wrestle

I want to continue to enjoy my job. I love combat sports, and I love wrestling men. After a bit of time getting to know the business and the client base, I think I understand why women leave session wrestling, or refuse to do competitive wrestling at all (even if they are strong/experienced enough for it). So, to avoid following the same path, I am putting limits on the types of clients that make Session Wrestling an unpleasant experience for the Ladies. If you see yourself in these types, please, look elsewhere for your session. I will not hesitate to end a session that has been deceptively arranged to cross my limits.

The Narcissist

“I truly believe that women (and most/all) men are my inferiors. I aim to prove this. I want a competitive session so that I can prove to the wrestler that I am superior to her. It feeds my self-esteem. I turn to women for this because I know the genetics are in my favor. I love showing women their place. If a woman were to overpower me, I would go full animal and rules would be out the window. I’ll cheat if necessary. I’d rather risk an injury than tap. Fighting through the pain proves I’m a man. Tap is another word for pussy. I’d rather risk her getting injured. I’d rather throw a punch, scratch her, bite her, or rip her clothes than tap.”

The John

“I think Wrestling is a good inconspicuous way to find a fit prostitute. I like a little rough and tumble with my sex. I like to be jerked off by a hard-body. I believe ‘sensual’ is a code word for ‘sex’.”

The Buddy

“I want to be your best friend. I want to matter to you more than any of your clients. And, because only I recognize how wonderful of a woman you are, I should get discount/free services once you get to know me. Or, even immediately, since you will thank me later for the experience. I want to meet you for drinks, take you out, show you a good time. I value you, and that must be quite a remarkable experience for you, a “sex worker”. No other man would take you seriously.”

This essay was originally posted on www.goddessanat.com/wrestle-me on 11/20/17.