Travel Schedule

Where is Goddess Anat?

Deposit and Refund Policy

Deposits are an insurance against the expenses I incur when I travel to your area. They also insure I receive at least partial payment for my time, if a client misses their appointment or cancels it.

  • When a client misses/cancels their appointment, there is no refund on the deposit
  • If I cancel the appointment, the client will receive a full refund UNLESS it was due to the client attempting to violate my rules.
  • If a client cancels an appointment, they will have to pay a much larger deposit if they want to schedule an appointment again.
  • Deposits do not roll over. A missed/cancelled appointment means the client loses their deposit money. It can not be credited to future appointments.
  • Appointments are not reserved until a deposit is received. If the client hasn’t sent a deposit, they do not yet have an appointment.
  • I do not hold appointment spots on the promise of future payment. Appointments are granted “first payment, first choice”.
  • The more financial and/or personal risk I perceive, the higher the required deposit will be for that appointment.

Official Travel Schedule

Request an Appointment

Please completely fill out the form. Incomplete
forms will be considered SPAM, and will not
receive a response.

All requests must include:

  • Location of appointment (City & State)
  • Date of appointment (can be approximate)
  • References (other professionals you have hired)
  • Type of appointment (provide details)

If you do not have references, please say so. Clients without references will be required to pay a larger deposit. Fake references will result in your appointment being cancelled without refund.

Contact Me

Email: or

(New and existing clients may contact me this way)

Text: (424) 261-2628

(emergency number for existing clients, NOT for new clients)

I do not take voice calls.

When you email me, please provide the following information:

  • Location of the match (city & state)
  • Proposed date of the match
  • Type of match (details please)
  • References (list wrestlers you have hired before)

I do not answer emails that have only one word, one sentence, or that are clearly not making an effort to book. If you want a match, please make your intentions clear.